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The Best College Basketball Big T-Shirt Players Of All Time

On Big If True today, we dove head first into a dicussion on some of the all-time baggy T-shirt sleeve guys in the history of the NCAA tournament. Needles to say, there are so many great options to work with as you’ll see below.

Also, cheers to KenJac for gettting the convo going with a twitter thread, and jeers to Slam magazine who apparently stole this idea from us a year before we did it ourselves.

The baggy undershirt is the foreskin of college basketball, providing protection from many potential parasites while simultanously getting kind of funky if you dont carefully wash it on a regular basis. You can hide more tattoos if you wear one,  its a family friendly way to stand out in the crowd, and its another piece of memoribilia that your school can sell for profit without giving you any of the proceeds. All in all a great accessory. So without farther ado- here are some of the best all-time T-shirt guys in the history of Mens College Basketball:

Adam Morrison:

For a big 2nd amendment guy he dosen’t believe in the right to bare arms. interesting.

Sim Bhullar:

Corey Brewer:

Matt Howard:

The rarely seen oversize t-shirt/compresson sleeve combo at times with the dark uniform, but seeing him in the whites was some thing special:

Enjoy this gallery of Mike Gansey:

I call him Rajon Rando because whose man is this?

We also need to take some time to commemerate the big boys rocking the big sleeves. Legends of the game like-

Roy Hibbert:

And the king of the sag swag- Marcus Camby:

And the gawd himself who use to keep a full subway italian BMT up one sleeve and a tupperware of big mac sauce up the other:

Its Bill Murray- get it?

Fun fact: coaches sons are 10x more likely to wear big tshirts. Why Jesus went everywhere in that robe:

THE University of California Long Ass-sleeves

DJ White the legend:

This just looks like one of those picture’s of Steph Curry wearing his dads uniform when he was like 5 years old

Fun fact: This Champion undershirt weighs 500 lbs before you even start to sweat in it:

Another elite scorer who dressed like a overweight fan at buffalo wild wings on the first day of march madness:

Lest we forget Keith Van Horns mormon-required modesty sleeves:

“We’re not so diffrent, you and I”

I dont even think this color exists any more:


When coach rewards you with a team trip to big lots before a road game>>>:

And the man who started it all out of nessecity. The sweatiest man in basketball history who started the trend accdentally by wearing his prescription-strength undershirt while at Georgetown: