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Gem Of A Human Crashes Car Into Beer Distributer, Grabs 2 Cans Of Bud Ice, Promptly Leaves The Scene

DELCO – A driver apparently desperate for a cold one is wanted by police after surveillance video showed him crashing a Ford SUV into a Delaware County store and stealing two beers. The driver slammed the vehicle into a beer distributor on the 100 block of South Newtown Street Road in Newtown Square Wednesday shortly after 4 a.m. He then pushed his way through the wreckage and snagged two cans of Bud Ice before fleeing the scene. While the two cans of stolen beer were only worth a few dollars, the damage caused by the crash was around $15,000, according to the store owner. The owner also said however it would be covered by insurance.

Just when you think Delco couldn’t get any more Delco, Delco goes ahead and pulls a stunt like this…AND TOTALLY REDEEMS ITSELF. The most Delco thing about all of this gem had the entire run of the mill in this alcoholic utopia, and what does he grab? Carlsberg Jacobsen Vintage #1 for $400 a bottle or a cool Crown Ambassador Reserve Lager that goes for $800 a pop? Nope. This degenerate who reeks of cigs and glory stories of how he used to outrun the cops at Ridley Park swipes just two beers, and those cans happen to be…(checks to see if Budweiser is still a Barstool sponsor)…umm…two of the most outrageously delicious beers on the market today! Yum! $7,500/Bud Ice. Now THAT’S a steal.

Never change, Delco. Well, maybe a little bit. The DUI stuff – Yes. Change, please. Things like below? Absolutely not. Keep being you.