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Schraderbrau Beer From "Breaking Bad" Is About To Be A Real Thing

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Breaking Bad’s motto is basically “if we make it, they will buy it” and it could not be more accurate. To be honest, I’m shocked there aren’t way, wayyyy more Breaking Bad products on the market. How is Los Pollos Hermanos not a nation-wide chain by now? How is there not an A1A car wash at every gas station across the country? And why in the world aren’t I smoking blue meth every night??? Ok, maybe not so much that last one, but still, the point remains, Breaking Bad products put asses in seats. They are cash cows. And now, at long last, Hank’s beer Schraderbräu will be in stores for Breaking Bad fans everywhere to enjoy:

Esquire - Fans of Breaking Bad, rejoice: Schraderbräu is finally happening. Sony Pictures Television announced this week that Hank Schrader’s homemade German-style lager from Season 2 of the critically acclaimed series is headed to a fridge near you—and according to the actor who played Hank, it should be there just in time for summer.

“I’m excited, man,” said Dean Norris, who portrayed the golden-hearted DEA agent for all five seasons of Breaking Bad. “We talked about it a long time ago, but it’s finally coming.”

We’ve got one style now, which is a Märzen-style German lager, and we have plans for a winter ale, a special “Oktoberfest” style, a summer pale ale—maybe we’ll even get my buddy Gomie [Agent Gomez, from Breaking Bad] involved and do a cerveza.

Cha ching! Just keep the hits coming. They are going to be monetizing Breaking Bad until the cows come home. With the upcoming sequel on the way as well, the sky’s the limit. I’m actually hoping they continue to build the Breaking Bad universe and expanding it and building back stories for more of the characters. We have Saul’s, we are about to get a Jesse-focused sequel, and there’s so many more characters we can learn about. I want to know more about Gus’s back story SO BADLY. Imagine how great a show about the Salamanca family would be. And let’s get a deep dive into Marie’s shoplifting. No, just kidding about that one. And while building these new stories, let’s leave Walt Jr out of them. Thank you.