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Landon Collins Revealed That He Was Not Going To Play For The Giants This Year If They Franchise Tagged Him

First of all, I acknowledge that it’s a lot easier to say you would have turned down $12 million on principle alone after you signed a MASSIVE deal with the Redskins and actually doing it after making $6 million total during your first four years in the league are two completely different things. However, I am a Giants fan trying to put together the pieces from a very dark month and trying to convince myself that my team’s GM isn’t batshit crazy. Maybe Le’Veon Bell’s legacy (outside of being able to see running lanes like Neo sees the Matrix) will be inspiring every player who wants no part of the franchise tag to tell their teams to go fuck themselves and make the team debate if they really want to have a shitload of money tied up in the cap while an unhappy stud player sits out for the season. I still think Dave Gettleman was going to let Landon leave because he did the same with Josh Norman in Carolina back when he was seen as a dominant corner while the 15-1 Panthers were coming off a Super Bowl appearance, this year’s safety free agency class was pretty good, and you could acquire a cheaper, younger box safety along with a 1st and 3rd round pick for the low low price of Odell Beckham Jr. So maybe, just maybe, Gettleman did the right thing by letting Collins clog up the Redskins cap for a few years while keeping yet another circus away from MetLife.

And that was today’s Convincing Yourself That Your Team Isn’t Riding A Crazy Train To Football Hell And Your GM Is The Conductor.