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The Mets Announce They Will Be Renaming The Street Outside Citi Field In Honor Of Tom Seaver

Alright, that’s a start I suppose. Mets fans have been grumbling about the lack of a Tom Seaver statue in Flushing for years now and those grumbles got a bit louder after Seaver’s family revealed that he is battling dementia and has retired from public life. I have long given up expecting the Mets or the Wilpons to do anything right the first time, the second time, or being anything but close to proactive regarding anything involving the team or PR. I mean this is the same organization that spent years planning and $600+ million building Citi Field yet the minute fans entered the building, everybody said it felt more like a new Brooklyn Dodgers stadium than a New York Mets stadium. They slowly but surely fixed things after the public outcry and they will slowly but surely properly honor easily the greatest player in franchise history who was literally nicknamed The Franchise. First comes Tom Seaver Road, then Tom Seaver Day, and then the Tom Seaver Statue*.

*Hopefully, because once again, this is the Mets and the Wilpons we are talking about