A Group Of Spring Breakers Got Scammed Into A Fake Snorkeling Trip And Were Left For Dead On A Snake Infested Island

Source – A group of British teenagers claim they were left for dead on an island infested with snakes after paying for a snorkeling trip in Thailand.

Emily Ince, 19, from Preston, Lancashire, was on a dream holiday to the Southeast Asian country with 17 friends when they were approached by three men offering a snorkeling tour in the seaside resort of Hua Hin, south of Bangkok.

But the student claims after she and her pals joined the tour — paying £20 ($26) each — they were told to jump out of the speedboat 32 feet from an island.

They claim they were then told to swim to shore before the men threw just two snorkeling masks into the water for the group and advised them to “stay away from the snakes.”

Ince said she and her friends were forced to swim in the jellyfish-infested sea to the island, which was swarming with potentially venomous snakes.

After being left without food, water or sunscreen for three hours, the friends were eventually rescued after enlisting the help of a local fisherman.

I’d like to say I feel bad for these students, but I don’t. When you’re approached by three strange men on a beach in a foreign country and offered a discounted snorkeling trip, red flags have to go off. If they don’t, you deserve to get brought to a snake infested island and left for dead with your friends. I wonder at what point they realized they were getting fucked over?  Because it seems like they had no idea what was going on until they were on the actual island.

“I was in the first group and we were really excited, but as we came close to the island, they stopped the boat about 32 feet away and made us swim from the boat to the island.”

“When we eventually got on the island, the three men just chucked us two snorkeling masks, which looked like they were from Poundland (a discount UK chain) or something, and advised we keep away from the snakes.

“Understandably we were confused and a bit concerned about that, and then my friend got stung by a jellyfish whilst swimming over because the waters were infested with them.

Was the snorkeling boat with no snorkel equipment not enough of a warning?  What about the jellyfish infested waters? It’s like they went on spring break and forgot to pack their brains. Out of everyone on the trip, how does not one person speak up? Part of me gets it. It’s like when you’re at the barber and he starts to cut your hair too short, so you just sit there and take it because you’re too afraid to say anything…but the other part of me is so confused. I almost wish they had to spend the night on the island so they’d learn their lesson. Survival of the fittest where weakest person gets eaten alive by snakes.

Even after they got rescued, they still didn’t get how easily it would’ve been for the situation to turn bad.

Ince said one of the members of their group even said she felt like they were on “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.”

Ignorance is bliss, I guess. Although the craziest part of the story for me is that when they eventually did get rescued, it was by the same guys who dropped them off and NO ONE SAID ANYTHING TO THEM ON THE RIDE BACK.

Ince said: “We were there for hours; in the end, we saw a fisherman and he helped us contact the people who worked on the beach.“It took a lot of effort and persuasion but the three men came and got us and the journey back to Thailand was very quiet because everyone was so angry.

How soft can you possibly be? Were they afraid of being murdered? They didn’t even get a refund.

“The icing on the cake was they refused to refund us — which we half expected.”

If I’m any of these kids, I’m suing the New York Post for publishing the story. The whole thing is an embarrassment. But hey, at least they’re okay, right?  That’s all that matters. Best of luck to these kiddies in the future. They’re going to need it.  Now here’s an obligatory scene from open water.