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Marcus Not-Very-Smart Inspires Joel Embiid To Become The Greatest Basketball Player Of All Time As Sixers Take Down The Celtics

So Greenie blogged about this altercation earlier in the game and boy oh boy, Marcus Smart is pretty Marcus Dumb if you ask me. This dumb idiot decided to poke the bear and he fired up Joel Embiid in a way which nobody should ever fire up Joel Embiid. I mean this man has already been playing at an MVP level this season but to give him any extra motivation to completely rip out your team’s soul and eat it right in front of you like he did to Kyrie at the end of the game there?

What a fucking beast. Kyrie is a problem, no doubt. But when the game came down to the line and a stop mattered the most? JoJo decided to hang dong and show the world what a true MVP looks like. 37 points. 22 rebounds. Absolutely insane night from Joel and much of that is, again, thanks to Marcus Not-Very-Smart. I’m sure he had a great view of the way the rest of the night unfolded though. Glad he could witness it all.


4th quarter buckets is a sicko.

Trust The Process and HIT THAT MUSIC, BABY.