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Poop In The Coupé: Car Burglars Are Upping Their Game In San Francisco

From KRON News:

Although San Francisco Police are reporting a decline in car break-in’s, there are still more than 3,000 people who have had to deal with their cars being broken into since Jan. 1.

A woman in Lower Nob Hill isn’t most alarmed by what was taken from her car but she’s positively traumatized by what was left behind. Ally Williams says she’s been a victim of car theft once before but that doesn’t even compare to what happened to her on Tuesday.

Despite keeping valuables out of sight, she walked to her car & saw that things were amiss with items strewn all over…

“And something smelled off,” Williams said. “Back here was where the uh, feces had been laying for who knows how long.”

That’s right, poop, sitting in the backseat.

“I never thought anyone was gonna go to town on my backseat,” Williams said.

Williams says she feels since nothing of great value was stolen she hasn’t called the police just yet.

“The car windows weren’t smashed and nothing really happened other than there was some feces left in the back. I didn’t know how much of a response I was going to get,” Williams said.

San Francisco has made headlines these last couple years for other poop related stories, namely the “Poop Patrol” who scoop & spray the hardest shit areas.

Doing some Big J Journalism of my own, I took to Twitter to search word combos like “San Fransisco + Car Poop” and was not disappointed.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 3.13.01 PM

Leaving a dumper in the car you burgle though… what a calling card.

Not only am I taking your three best CDs, meter quarters, and only good umbrella, I’m forever tarnishing your back seat, and your dog will hone in on it forever no matter how much cleaning you do.