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Banks' Winter Olympics Blog: Tuesday February 18

medal count feb 18


As it should be. Two juggernauts duking it out at the top. Russia may have more silvers, but you just know they’re still hurting from Saturday’s loss. Media members in Russia have said that winning a gold in hockey and losing the rest of their events would still make this Olympics a success. We hit em right where it hurts and for that reason, we have the upper hand.


Biggest USA headline of the day was Meryl Davis and Charlie White winning pairs ice dancing gold. Well done.



Fellow American Jason Brown just can’t. Literally dying.

jason brown loves it


USA women’s hockey dominated Sweden 6-1, setting up the inevitable gold medal final against Canada on Thursday.

usa womens hockey 3


This play is so women’s hockey it hurts.

sweden womens hockey


Score doesn’t really indicate just how close the game was.

SOGS Sweden USA crop


Bob Costas made his triumphant return to the air. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss him. I live to hate that man. Good to see you back on your high horse, Bobby.

costas back


Brazilian women’s bobsled team trying to steal Jamaica’s thunder

bobsled brazil


Can’t stop won’t stop.

jamaica egg


jamaica gif


In other bobsled news, USA earned a bronze in the 2-man competition, their first bobsled medal since 1952.

usa bobsled


Sochi mascots. So hot right now.

sochi bear 2

sochi cat 2

sochi cat

sochi bear

sochi bear 4



Hey Russia guy, do less.

russia hat


Today I’m watching Freestyle skiing, men’s halfpipe. American David Wise has dominated this competition the past 3 years at the X games, and is the heavy favorite to bring us another gold medal. Fellow American Torin Yater-Wallace is also expected to contend for a medal, presenting the USA a great opportunity to build a medal lead.

ski halfpipe


Today’s smoke: Russian figure skater Elena Ilinykh (h/t @lsu260)

elena 1

elena 2

elena 3

elena 4

elena 5