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Jon Niese's Smoke Wife Wears A Blue Thong Every Time He Pitches

NY Post – She’s the new Met good-luck charm — with a sexy secret weapon. When Jon Niese pitches tomorrow on Opening Day against the San Diego Padres, his gorgeous new wife, Leah, will be wearing Amazin’ blue panties — just as she has faithfully done at every game pitched by the lefty love-of-her-life. “I’m the superstitious one,” said Leah, 23. “I have lucky underwear — they’re Mets underwear.” Leah and Jon, 26, married in January in Ohio after dating for more than three years. They grew up 60 miles from each other — he in Defiance and she in a town named Oregon, population 20,000.  But not even lucky knickers can help with nerves. While Jon listens to music on game day (“I know he likes Jason Mraz — it calms him down and at the same time pumps him up before the game”), Leah can hardly watch. “I’m all focused on him. I’m shaking, I’m biting my nails, I’m so nervous,” she said. “It’s pretty frantic all the way through the whole game until he gets pulled out — so I’m sure Opening Day will be pretty intense.”

What a woman! Thats the kinda girl every man needs in their life. Smokeshow. Committed to her man. And she shows it by staying on top of her underwear game. Thats what the fuck I’m talking about.

So Mrs. Niese, lets make sure you got enough blue underwear for about 30 more starts just like this one today. I don’t care what kinda underwear you have to wear. What kind of underwear he has to wear. Fuck, I’ll wear a blue Mets thong every 5th day if thats what it takes for Jon to give me 200 innings. I’ll rock a shiny blue banana hammock like Jason Giambi’s magic golden thong.

Uncuncel Da Saeson!

PS – Jon Niese – the only man in the world to get a nose job and still have a bigger schnoz than El Pres.