We Finally Have Details Of JR Smith Chucking A Bowl Of Soup At Damon Jones

You probably remember this story. I mean how could you forget? JR Smith launched a bowl of soup at Cavs assistant Damon Jones last year. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 11.47.42 AM

And now we finally have full details as Damon Jones bravely talked about his experience. You may be shocked but he goes on to say the soup ‘was hot as hell.’ I can’t believe it was hot.

It’s still my favorite story of JR Smith. I mean yes, he did help the Cavs win the title over Golden State. He was huge in that series. But, this is why we’re here. Throwing soup at assistant coaches and getting suspended.

We’re lucky enough to get the full details thanks to some hard hitting investigative journalism: 

Question — Did Smith throw the entire bowl … or just fling the soup?

Answer — “It was the bowl PLUS the soup!”

Question — Where did it hit you?

Answer — “It went everywhere. I was standing up … it hit me in the shoulder, the arm, the wall. It was a mess.”

What a scene this has to be. Damon Jones walking in and trying to coach up the Cavs only for JR to have NONE of it. Shut the fuck up about taking bad shots, Damon. Here’s a bowl of soup for that.

Luckily they squashed the beef though.