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These Poor Bastards Tried To Guard Montrezl Harrell One-On-One And It Went Exactly How You Think

If there’s one thing I love it’s watching NBA players go up against random people 1 on 1. It really reminds you that even the worst NBA player is the best player you’ve ever seen and we see challenges like this from time to time. I often think about the time that Scal put out the call to scrubs in Boston to give him a try and he absolutely murdered people

like the White Mamba he is. These type of challenges will always be a nice reminder just how far you are from people who are really talented despite how much you dominate your JCC men’s league.

But back to this video. If I could choose any NBA player to try and match up with in a game of 1 on 1, I am quite certain that Montrezl Harrell would be near the bottom of that list. Not only is he having a breakout year for the Clips this season, he’s also a fucking beast. I want no part of that 6’4 240 frame, and what’s crazy about this video is we don’t see him really do all that much of this type of stuff in games. He’s a P&R monster, a high energy player who will do the dirty work and dunk on your face when given the chance. But watch that video again, one legged Dirk fadeaways? I wasn’t really surprised to see him just blow past people and dunk on them but he showed me some stuff I didn’t know he had.

And I certainly have some questions for the defenders, mainly that first dude in regards to his mask. Did he rock this as an intimidation tactic? Did he maybe just want to hide his face because he knew he was going to end up on the internet getting embarrassed? Then you have that poor fella who got all sorts of turned around at the end which you knew was going to happen to someone.

It’s really a no win situation for us normal people so I don’t get why anyone would be stupid enough to participate in these things. You’re just going to end up on the internet for the rest of us to laugh at, and even if you find yourself getting lucky and having a brief moment of success, that’s only going to make the player mad and actually try and then you’re really screwed.

So let this be a lesson to anyone who may be out in Venice beach when something like this is happening, just stay away. Let someone else be the hero and we can all have a nice chuckle about it after because make no mistake, you do not want any part of this