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Analyzing The List Of Top 20 Colleges With "Sugar Babies"

The Playboy Club Grand Opening at The Palms Hotel and Casino Day One

The only thing new about “sugar daddies” is their name. Young attractive females with old rich guys (sometimes vice versa) is as American as apple pie. It’s capitalism for dating. I’ve known a few “sugar babies” (I know, weird brag) and have suspected others of participating in the capitalistic trend for dating. I have no issue with it. Get that money, sis.

Recently, Seeking Arrangements, the Tinder for sugar daddies, released a list of the top 20 colleges with sugar babies on campus:

20. Colorado State University

19. University of Texas, San Antonio

18. University of North Carolina

17. New York University

16. Columbia University

15. UCLA

Shocked to see Columbia and NYU so low on this list. I would’ve wagered that NYC was the capital of sugar daddies. Maybe they are using a different app? Who knows. USC and UCLA being low is surprising as well.

14. San Francisco State

13. USC

12. University of Cincinnati

11. West Virginia University

Don’t get me wrong, West Virginia has more than enough potential sugar babies on campus:

But who in the hell in West Virginia is chilling with the kind of money to be a sugar daddy?

10. University of Missouri

9. University of North Texas


7. Cal State Fullerton

6. Rutgers

University of North Texas may be a bit of a shocker, but don’t forget about that oil money down in Texas. Rutgers hasn’t been ranked 6th in anything ever so that’s a win for them. Might as well put that in their school guide. Come to Rutgers, home of the 1869 National Champions in football and 6th on the 2019 list of sugar daddies.

5. University Of Florida

Makes sense:

4. Florida State University

“Makes sense” -Brent Musburger

3. University Of Alabama

Saban is going to use this for recruiting boosters.

2. UCF:

Sooooo close to being national champs again:

1. Georgia State University

Upset! ATL STAND UP!!!!