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We Are Days Away From Everyone's Favorite Holiday

Obviously yesterday was selection Sunday and Obviously Duke is the overall #1 seed. The best part of March Madness is that everyone turn into somewhat of a gambler. Whether it is putting money on brackets or you go full blown degenerate like us betting on every game from 12-12.

Every single person has a little bit of degeneracy in them. Some can control themselves and others lose more than they can actually afford and then some. Through the years the first two days of the tournament is my favorite day of the year. I used to take off of work these two days and never go to class on these days either. It is a grind though, it is enjoyable the morning of but once the games start at 12pm the sweat is real. There are steps to be successful throughout the day.

  •  This is the most important step of the day. Stretch for at least 30-60 minutes prior to the first tipoff. You need to get the blood flowing because stress levels will be through the roof and you will do nothing all day besides sit and watch basketball for about 48 hours straight.
  • Make sure you have snacks ready for every other hour. You need to keep sodium levels up, calcium all that good shit.
  • This is a big one as well. Make sure you have six friends on speed dial for when you max out your accounts your friends to put your bets in.

Just take these bullet points and make sure you take it seriously. Morale will be up and you will be healthy during this trying time. Thank me in advance and good luck to everyone on this great holiday week.