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MLB Is Messing Around With An Umpire Cam In Japan And It's Awesome
How awesome is this? The Mariners and Athletics are already in Japan getting ready for their opening series overseas, and during an exhibition game, the home plate umpire is rocking a POV cam. Most of you are familiar with POV cams, but not in this sense. Just watch this Mitch Haniger homer from the eyes of the umpire. I think it's an awesome way to change the game up from the fans point of view a little bit. You do lose the ball once it goes into the white ceiling of the Tokyo Dome, but it's still an unreal shot.
I'm going to need MLB to implement this going forward, along with mic'd up umpires and players. We've seen the viral success of mic'd up players during ST, why not give us one a week on Sunday Night Baseball? Plus, having this camera angle on an umpire will hold them accountable. Do you think Angel Hernandez will still feel compelled to put on an ump show if he knows the camera attached to his head will show the ball was six inches outside? I'd hope not. It gives the game a different look, especially if you're sitting at home watching. You don't need it for every pitch, but show some pitches, plus plays at the plate, long home runs, things like that. MLB wants to become cool to the kids, this is a step in the right direction. This is better than a referee cam in football because the umpires aren't running around so the camera shakes, they're mostly in one position with their head not moving. I think it's an awesome thing that we need to see more of. I know the College World Series did it a few years ago, and the MLB did it in Japan earlier in the offseason when the team of MLB All Stars was there, why not bring it to MLB full-time?
BTW. Ichiro is a KING over there, and rightfully so. Guy still has it.