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Wall Street Banker Suing Building Because A Protruding Elevator Shaft Is Ruining His Penthouse View And Causing Him "Irreparable Harm"

NY Post – This member of the 1 percent is demanding 100 percent of his penthouse’s panoramic Manhattan skyline view. The highest-paid banker on Wall Street in 2012 is suing the city and his neighbors to prevent the 360-degree views at his One York Street TriBeCa pad from being obstructed by a 600-square-foot box of metal bars. Richard Handler, 51, CEO of Jeffries Group, whines in a Manhattan Civil Court lawsuit that the renovation of neighboring 50 Varick St. will cause him to “suffer real and irreparable harm.” The actual roof of the Varick Street building is 30 feet below Handler’s view, records show. It’s just the elevator shaft bothering him, the suit says. “The project’s new elevator vestibule to service the new roof deck will impair views from [Handler’s] apartment, and [he] faces significant noise and light impingements,” his lawyer says in the civil lawsuit filed this week. Handler’s 6,000-square-foot penthouse is actually just a pied-à-terre. His permanent residence is a lakefront mansion in swanky South Salem, Westchester. He made $45.2 million in compensation last year — dwarfing even the $21 million payout to Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein.

I’m sure all the 99%’ers out there will cry and whine about this guy and how much money he has and how he’s still complaining. And thats the difference between them and Dick Handler here. This Rick Reilly looking motherfucker probably paid like $3 million for that thing. When you drop 3 million bucks on a Manhattan apartment, that shit better be perfect. I mean you look at those Occupy Wall Street losers and the minute something in their life wasn’t perfect they decided to sleep in tents and shit outside trying to get their way. Imagine if those poor fucks ever spent a few million dollars on something and it wasn’t exactly what they wanted? They’d probably kill themselves.

Bottom line is you don’t become a Wall Street baller making $45 mil a year without being a cutthroat business man. You pay a couple million for something, you make sure its exactly what you expected. Otherwise you just feel like a chump. You bring a bunch of 20-something sluts back to your penthouse promising them an amazing view and all they can see is 162 feet of elevator shaft? Thats fucking demoralizing. Straight up irreparable harm on that sort of embarrassment.

PS – Its actually worth $24.7M. So everything I said times 10.