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Adam 22 The Host Of "No Jumper" Had A Gun Pulled On Him During A Livestream Last Night

SOURCE – The rap artists Adam22 interviews on his No Jumper podcast could always be strapped with their gun of choice. Yet, none of his guests have ever pulled out their weapon and aimed it at the 35-year-old the way one angry gunman did over the weekend. During his latest livestream on Sunday night  (March 17), Adam was preparing to dig into his meal when a random gunman wearing a grey long-sleeve button-up appeared on the left side of the camera and pointed a pistol at him.

“Give me all your fucking money, right now!” the gunman shouted at Adam, who managed to quiver and giggle at the same time.

Seconds later, the gunman appears to get into a physical altercation with Adam before the podcast host’s friend gets involved. After the incident occurs off camera, Adam seems to be fine and asserts that the gunman was “knocked out cold.” Before the video ends, Adam says he has to put his livestream on hold to call the police.

The video doesn’t show the alleged assailant’s face nor do we hear any shots fired. As of this report, the identity of the gunman has not been confirmed. However, one Reddit user posted a video and claimed that the man in it is the alleged gunman. In the video, we can see the man sprawled out onto the floor as one of Adam’s affiliates yells at him.

After the incident, Adam was in disbelief over everything that happened on his livestream. He reflected by recounting what could’ve been his final words had the situation gotten worse.

Imagine doing a livestream in your studio and out of nowhere a random man in a grey button down shirt is pointing a gun in your face? What an insane scene. So insane that I think I would be insane myself not to at least entertain the conspiracy theory that this whole thing was staged. I mean it went a little too smooth. Lets break it down.

His acting job was decent. He seemed genuinely scared by the fact a random person appeared in front of him pointing a gun in his face and asking him for all his money during a live show. But How did he get there? How did no one see him before he came in the room when he had multiple other people there with him?

The rest of it is caught off camera (convenient) but you can hear the multiple thumps and a struggle as Post Malone casually plays in the background. According to Adam 22 one of his boys that was their behind the scenes knocked the robber out cold. You can hear his friend talking shit as if he just knocked someone out who tried to rob his friend so that checks out with me.

The thing that’s off to me is how casual everyone was. On one hand that is such a crazy set of circumstances that after you take a deep breath and process what just happened I think there is a moment to laugh in there in a “holy shit this guy just tried to rob me at gun point on a live stream and now he’s unconscious on the floor” kind of way.

It is also hilarious that at the moment he was getting robbed he was talking about whether a grown man busted a nut on his cat or not.

Hilarious tweet by him after the fact but it makes you think. This set of circumstances is the perfect viral moment. You can’t make up this kind of internet gold and publicity …….. or can you?

I’m gonna side on that this probably was real because it’s too insane to make up but if Adam 22 somehow did scheme up this whole plan just to get this kind of reaction from the internet he is a total genius. I mean this man was literally trending on twitter yesterday from it. It’s one of the biggest stories in the rap game today.

Trending on twitter is big time clout. Multiple videos with millions of views from the “attempted robbery”. This is probably the first time Adam 22 has ever been mentioned on Barstool so this guy is just catching Ws left and right from this. Whether he actually was set up or not, this is a win. Good for you Adam 22, I’m glad he didn’t kill you if he was a real robber. The Hip-Hop world needs you.

Update: Just saw this tweet of the attempted gunman knocked out in a daze on the ground with a huge knot in his head. Significant evidence that would point toward this encounter being real but who knows anymore in this world.