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1300 lb. Dog Eating Crocodile Put In Jail For His Crimes In Australia

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 3.19.29 PM


What do you do when a massive crocodile terrorises your neighbourhood, kills animals and scares the locals?
Well, cops in Australia’s Northern Territory have decided that jail time is the best method. That’ll teach that crafty croc whose boss.
The 600kg monster was caught in the community of Wurrumiyanga on the Tiwi Islands. Police threw him in a jail cell before animal handlers were able to transport him for captive breeding.

Ladies and gentleman we got him. A little hard time might be good for this Croc. Eating dogs is no way to go about life. Everybody loves dogs and hopefully this thing can take up a little different diet plan after his time in the pen. It sounds like a real win/win if we’re being honest as this guy gets to go to a “captive breeding” program. Does it get any better than that? He just gets to eat and bang some hot ass crocodile mistresses all day.

The Wurrumiyanga of the Tiwi Islands decided to call in Croc expert Matt Wright to help rectify the situation. If you’re not familiar with the Aussie, the dude is about as unreal as it gets. Look at this shit!!!

Just a guy playing with prehistoric killing machines, flying helicopters around to fish, and has a beautiful girl to boot. Just an absolute living LEGEND.

Its a good thing Australia has a guy like Matt Wright to help keep these units in check. I HAVE to find a way to meet this guy someday and hopefully just move in with him. Anyways, for anyone sitting at home thinking “wow I’m glad I don’t live in Australia where they have real life dinosaurs swimming around” I have bad news for you. This photograph was taken recently in Georgia.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 3.20.30 PM

This 700 lb. Gator was captured and sadly killed 2 weeks ago due to past gunshot wounds and deteriorated condition due to old age, but there are more out there and even bigger than that. The swamp will always be a mythical place where the prehistoric past mixes with our current world.