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Mr Doodle! You Piece of Shit!

I am so sick of this mother fucker. I follow him on Instagram and it’s not because I like him. It’s to keep an eye on him. I hate how he’s so happy and has red hair. He walks into these shops and people start losing their minds to watch him doodle. He just doodles doodles doodles. Sometimes he doodles for 50 hours straight, and you know what? I simply cannot take it anymore.

I hate his clothes. I hate his style. I hate his voice. I hate his hair. But, I kinda love his doodles so Im torn. FUCK! I dont want to like the art but I do. I dont want to like a grown man who spends every waking hour drawing on walls, flower pots, and everything in between but I just cant help it! FUCK YOU, MR. DOODLE!

HES TOO YOUNG TO BE MR DOODLE! I would have expected Mr. Doodle to be in his 60s at least. You cant be under 35 and call yourself Mr. Doodle! He should just be Doodle!


Im gonna keep my eye on you, Mr. Doodle… if that is your real name.