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Wake Up With Max Scherzer Bullying Matt Williams Off The Mound When Williams Tries To Pull Him
Is Max Scherzer the scariest person in baseball? I think he is. Here we have a throwback clip of when Matt Williams comes out to the mound late in a game to speak with Mad Max and see if he had any gas left in the tank. Scherzer almost ripped Williams' head off when his manager came out to the mound.
"I want it. I fucking want it" Scherzer YELLS at his manager with the entire infield circled around them. Williams doesn't even look at him and just says "okay" and walks back to the dugout like a puppy with his tail between his legs. Max gets the next batter to ground out and the inning is over. Watch the replay, he doesn't even wait to see if Ian Desmond's throw gets to first, he's already half way to the dugout.
You have to love the intensity from Scherzer and what he brings to the game, but god damnit does it seem like it would be terrifying to try and get him off the mound.