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Eagles New K Cody Parkey Looking GREAT In His ESPN Profile


Good looks, Cody! I don’t care if he’s a relatively unknown rookie, ESPN couldn’t be this stupid. The Worldwide Leader In Sports doesn’t make these kind of egregious mistakes. The only explanation has to be one of the whitest guys to ever put on a uniform finally got some sun. And good on Opie to get that much needed Vitiman D. The kid’s come a long way since Auburn and looking like there’s no shot he put his helmet on all by himself just a week ago.


Seriously though, ESPN can put up a picture of Malcolm X or two giraffes fucking in Cody’s profile for all I care. This kid is going to make himself known in the league sooner than later. Preseason or not, he had complete ice water in his veins to boot 2 50+ yarders when his entire career was on the line. It’s all gravy from here. We got ourselves a kicker!!!

h/t Mark and all the 3,000 others who sent it in