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The Patriots Did Pick Up a Receiver, Just Not the One We Were Hoping For

So earlier today I wrote about the Patriots situation at wide receiver. Acknowledging that yes, they’re extremely thin. And even though it’s only Pi Day, this could be the thinnest they’ve ever been at the position on any one day in franchise history. But there are still possibilities available. Not the least of which is Golden Tate, the top Free Agent WR on the market, who was reportedly weighing his options between the Pats and Steelers. (Which, just to plagiarize my Twitter self, is like sitting in front of the Netflix menu trying to decide between Infinity War and Suicide Squad. But I digress.) Well now we have Golden Tate Warrior’s decision:

OK, well that blows, obviously. But it’s not like the Pats were done signing wideouts, right?

Alrighty. Now we’re cooking. That should calm everyone’s concerns. So maybe they didn’t sign the former Lions receiver. But they did sign a Lions receiver. A guy who’s missed 20 out of a possible 64 career games. With three different teams in four years. Averaging less than 10 yards per reception. Another 5-9, 200lb receiver to add to the list of sub-6 footers. But those aren’t even his most interesting stat:

There you go. How many guys in the league can boast 1.5 hamstrings? I don’t know for sure, but my guess is, he’s it.

But what the hell. I’m skeptical, but also being totally sincere when I say there’s no reason to be negative. One man’s “he’s hurt all the time” is another man’s “he plays through injuries.” And there are parts of his game worthy of praise:

So sure. Why not? Take a flyer on Ellington and see what Brady can do with him. Let’s just hope this isn’t the end of their WR personnel moves. Or it’s going to be a long wait for the Draft.

Now somebody in Foxboro do us a favor, pick up Nick Caserio’s phone and get Jordy Nelson’s agent on the line.