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Bob Huggins Popped Out Of A Casket And Well, Now, WVU Is The Big 12 Favorite

Fucking Huggins. What a perfect tweet. I’m a little shocked Huggins can even send a tweet out but this is 100% evidence it’s him. He’s out here not cropping the video. A bunch of black space. The volume is all off. He 100% filmed the screen to send this out and that’s why I love Huggy Bear.

But, now I think you have to say West Virginia is a heavy favorite to win the Big 12. I don’t care if they are the worst team in the conference. You don’t have a Huggins tweet of him popping out out a casket and not assume they are just going to win. This is one of those tangible intangibles.

If he shows up in this tonight, bet the house on WVU:

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 3.05.27 PM