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Chick Gives Natural Birth To 15 Pound Baby

Daily Mail- A mother has spoken of her shock after giving birth to a baby who weighed a staggering 15lb and 7oz. George King was starved of oxygen for ten minutes and was given just a ten per cent chance of survival after his shoulders got stuck during delivery. However, six weeks later George, the biggest baby every born in Gloucestershire, has been allowed to go home with his parents Jade Packer, 21, and Ryan King, 21. George, from the Reddings, Cheltenham, was almost twice the weight of an average baby when he was born naturally at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on February 11 following a 16 hour labour.  Now, at the age of six-weeks-old, he is already 2ft 2in tall and having to wear baby clothes suitable for a six-month-old. Ms Packer told the BBC: ‘His shoulders got stuck and that is when everything kicked off. ‘There were about 20 doctors in the room and that is when it got really scary. ‘My mum was there at the birth and she was quite scared and shocked as well. Ms Packer, who is 5ft 7in tall, says it has put her off having any more children in case they are equally gigantic.

Is it a boy or a girl???

Actually its a fucking middle aged man! Incredibly overweight and he might already be wearing a toupee. Jiminy fuckin cricket! Look at this little fucker. This dude could sign up to host the Family Feud right now and nobody would even bat an eyelash. He just already looks like the sort of fat fuck that would host that show. That picture of him sleeping looks like my fat Uncle passed out at Thanksgiving. Can you imagine having to deal with this porker shitting his diapers? That would honestly be like if you had to change your father’s diapers. Having full human size loads of poop filling up his Huggies. Disgusting. Makes me think – if I were to pick between having 3 normal sized triplets or one baby thats the size of three, I gotta go with the triplets. No way I could deal with having to raise a fat middle aged man-baby.

PS – Hey Ms. Packer I hope you’re familiar with kegel exercises! You’re gonna need to find some Cross Fit regiment for your pussy if you want that thing back to normal. Gonna be a 42 inch widescreen underneath the hood after passing King George through there.

PPS – Kim Kardashian’s kid is gonna be like 6’3 250 coming out of the womb.