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Breaking Bad Script Stolen From Bryan Cranston's Car

ABC NewsSecrets from the final season of “Breaking Bad” are in danger of being spilled after one of the show’s scripts was allegedly stolen from star Bryan Cranston’s car. Cranston, 57, reported a theft March 1, after someone broke into his passenger-side window and took a shoulder bag containing an iPad and a copy of his “Breaking Bad” script, according to a criminal complaint filed by Bernalillo County, N.M., and obtained by The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office Saturday arrested suspect Xavier McAfee for burglary, according to the complaint. The Sheriff’s Office told Albuquerque ABC affiliate KOAT-TV that the script has not yet been recovered and the investigation is ongoing. The criminal complaint revealed how one of Cranston’s employees, Taryn Feingold, was contacted by a confidential informant. The informant detailed to Feingold, and later the Sheriff’s Office, about overhearing a man at a local bar bragging about how he broke into a vehicle in the Sandia Mountain Range. He then showed his friends at the bar “some type of laptop or iPad,” the complaint read, while “describing how he also had a script from the ‘Breaking Bad’ series.” The hit AMC series is wrapping up its final season. Cranston plays high-school chemistry teacher Walter White, who joins the illicit world of meth dealing after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Hey Cranston you asshole! Clean your act up! You’re Walter fucking White. You should know you gotta hide that shit in a wall vent or a crawl space or somethin. You’re walking around with pretty much the most important document in the world right now. Its more important than the truth about the JFK assassination or reports about alien life. Until this final half-season premieres those scripts should be kept inside that giant Area 51 warehouse from Indiana Jones with all the other priceless artifacts. Because I swear to God if some real life Albuquerque meth head who has this script leaks a spoiler about how this whole thing ends I’ll kill someone. I’ve come to far with this shit to have it ruined like that. I might just stay off the internet all together between now and September to make sure I don’t see any spoilers.

PS – Breaking Bad should run with this and create some viral stir. Float out some fake endings and claim thats what the thief said happened in the script. You could float a new one every day for the next couple weeks and Breaking Bad nerds like myself would go wild for it.