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Pretty Hot Mother Of 6 Sentenced To 5 Years In Jail For Having "The Most Marijuana I've Ever Seen"

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Pilot - The narcotics officer working the case had never seen so much marijuana: More than 100 pounds found stashed in a bedroom closet of a home in the city’s North End neighborhood last April. Another 4 or 5 pounds were discovered in the attic.

“It’s the most marijuana I’ve ever seen,” Detective K.W. Foxwell testified Monday at a sentencing for Amanda Jane Baker.

Baker, 40, a mother of six who was living in the red brick house with four of her children when the drugs were seized, was ordered to serve five years in prison. She pleaded guilty in November to possessing and distributing marijuana and driving while intoxicated.

To put into perspective how much marijuana Baker had in her house, Prosecutor David Laird offered the judge some breakdowns of the amount.

The street value: about $450,000. The number of ounces — a typical amount sold to an individual — close to 1,800. The number of marijuana joints that could be made from it: about 100,000.


6 kids and 100 pounds of weed, let’s goooooooo! What a ratio! How about Detective Buzzkill going “it’s the most marijuana I’ve ever seen”. I did a quick Google search andddd

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Ok I guess that’s a decent amount.

Good for her though. A working mother. Can’t knock that. People need their weed. This isn’t the 1950’s anymore, we don’t have to pretend a woman can only cook and clean and sleep in separate beds. She can be a drug kingpin too, and look damn good while doing it.

If she’s smart she will sell her story to Hollywood. I am very here for a single mother of 6 running the marijuana distribution game in Virginia Beach. She probably has some amazing stories. This has blockbuster film written all over it, AMC television show at minimum. Turn that 5 years of jail into lemonade.





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