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The NCAA Tournament Committee Will Be Making Sure Duke Gets Extra Benefits And No Other Team Will

What a surprise. Duke is getting preferential treatment here? I’m just SHOCKED.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I completely understand that it makes sense to wait to see how healthy Zion is before you figure out seeding for Duke. If he comes back fully healthy and they beat UNC with him at full strength and play Virginia in the ACC title game, I have no problem with them as the No. 1 seed. It makes sense.

But, just curious. I wonder if any other players on teams fighting for a No. 1 seed have been injured? You know. Perhaps some starters?

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Everyone knew the committee would wait to see what Zion’s health was like. But, why say that publicly without saying that you’re doing the same for Michigan State and Kentucky? All this is doing is opening up criticism for when a coach complains about their bid.

So now my question is what are we going to determine as Zion at healthy? Let’s say he looks healthy but plays just 20 minutes per game? Is that enough for a No. 1 seed? Typical NCAA looking out for the guys like Duke while keeping Kentucky a step back.