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There's A ZERO Percent Chance The Fan Who Russ Threatened To 'Fuck Up' Is Telling The Truth

So there we have both sides of the story. In case you’ve missed the last few dozen hours, Russell Westbrook got into it with a Jazz fan. Here’s the video that first came out of Russ:

Obviously not a good look to threaten to fuck up someone’s wife too. But, immediately the reaction was, okay, what was said by the fans. Utah’s fanbase doesn’t have the best reputation around the league and then while we all know Russ is angry we haven’t seen him get full on heated like this before with fans. So something clearly had to be said from the fans for him to go this nuclear.

The fan obviously claims all he said was he’s going to need the heat for his knees. I’ll say this there has never been a more obvious liar than this fan. Yeah, I’m sure all it was was you and Russ joking about ice and heat on your knees.

Luckily on Twitter someone found his twitter (it went protected real quick) but not before this gem appeared:

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 1.14.17 AM

Does that look like a tweet of a guy who would only make fun of Russ for heat on his knees and not ice? There’s zero chance this guy is telling the truth. Just absolutely zero. Patrick Patterson who was sitting by Russ also tweeted out the following:

This isn’t just me blindly trusting Russ either. Look at that fan. I’m not one to typically pass judgements but there’s a 0.0% chance he didn’t instigate more. That’s the most blatant lie these ears have ever heard. He was all over the place. Although, I can’t stop laughing about the last line ‘Her first ever NBA game. Welcome to the NBA, Jen.’ Just laugh out loud funny. Something about Jen’s and NBA hoopers this year I guess

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for shit talking. It’s an awesome part of the game. But, fans don’t have the right to say whatever the hell they want just because they paid money to attend the game. There is a certain line that fans shouldn’t cross and I’d be willing to guess this fan did. The Jazz say they are investigating the situation so we’ll see what happens there.