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Redskins Just Gave Landon Collins 6 Years, $84 Million!

Holy mackerel! By the way, great phrase. Gotta start using it more often. But seriously, holy mackerel! The Redskins did NOT waste any time getting involved in free agency, going all out for Landon Collins. As a wise man once said, sheeeeeeeesh.

This brings another Alabama kid to the Skins defense, and he fills a need for them. Going to be so fun to watch this Redskins offense next year try to get anything going at all with Case Keenum at QB (or Colt McCoy if we’re lucky) and lord knows who (besides future hall of famer Trey Quinn) at WR. Hopefully Guice is the real deal or this offense won’t score more than 10 points a game. Defense will be legit though.

Also, I’m very excited for this to ultimately blow up in our faces. Because it will. That’s just what happens when the Skins make huge splashes in free agency, it blows up. How will it happen this time? Let’s find out!



PS: For Packers fans bummed you didn’t get him, you can have HaHa back. Just take him back.