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I Am Quite Aroused Thinking About Carson Wentz Opening The Season With A 75-Yard Bomb To Desean Jackson

I was always a huge Desean guy when he was in Philly. And if there was ever any one particular move that Chip Kelly made that you could pin on him for being his worst move in Philadelphia, it was releasing Desean Jackson.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand he has some baggage. I understand he’s not exactly a big “team” guy. I hate to use this term but he doesn’t quite fit into the culture that the Eagles have been building in the locker room since Carson Wentz came along. But he has an edge to his game. He’s electrifying. He can come up in big moments. And most importantly–this team hasn’t had a legitimate deep threat since he left. So why not bring him in for a year here and see what Carson can do with him.

Just picture this now. It’s opening week in the National Football League. The Eagles win the opening coin toss. They elect to receive the ball. 1st & 10 from their own 25 yard line. Out comes Carson Wentz. He’s ready to silence the doubters. He’s ready to shut everybody up who says that the Eagles should have kept Nick Foles. He’s ready to shut everybody up who keeps saying that he’s injury prone. He’s ready to stake his claim as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL again. He drops back, unleashes a fucking ROCKET that drops perfectly into the hands of Desean Jackson, who just torched his defender, and he walks in for an easy 6. The crowd goes crazy and the Eagles never lose a single game for the rest of eternity.

Do it, Howie. Just do it.