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Top 10 Yankees Prospect Michael King Used Giancarlo Stanton to Pick Up Girls At The Bar After Getting Traded To The Yankees

Today we dropped our Mike King interview on The Short Porch. He’s a top 10 prospect in the system who came over in the Garrett Cooper/Caleb Smith deal with the Marlins. He was admittedly was a throw-in at the time, but ended up having the best season of any minor league pitcher last season. Cashman admits that he’s not the guy he traded for and sometimes a change of scenery and strategy can do this to a pitcher. Well now he’s risen up the ranks within the Yankees farm system and is one of the more complete arms we have in the system. In the interview, which was awesome, he really got into some baseball porn and talked about the art of pitching. If you’re a baseball nerd like me, you’ll love it.

Aside from that, King told a story about how he convinced girls at bars that he was a package deal with Giancarlo Stanton in the trade from Miami, even though they were in completely separate deals that had nothing to do with each other. Pure genius. The whole sit down is great, make sure you listen with the link below.

We also interviewed John Sterling, Adam Ottavino, and Tyler Wade while we were down in Tampa. We’ll have those coming out starting next Monday when we’re officially on the Barstool podcast network. It was a great trip down in Florida this weekend with Tommy, and we have a lot more stuff on the way. If you were with us all the way, thank you, if you’re just coming on now then you’re in for a treat. Follow The Short Porch on Insta as well here, we’ll be posting all Yankees stuff throughout the season trying to build up the account.

P.S. Tommy’s outfit choices this week were a disaster. He’s shook by it.