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Klay Thompson Thinks Warriors Fans Stink And He Should Probably Just Leave This Summer

Phoenix Suns v Golden State Warriors

We all know what happened last night. The Warriors lost to the pathetic Suns, Steve Kerr hates Draymond, KD hurt his ankle, things didn’t go so hot for them in my opinion. But honestly, all the Warriors were a little testy after this loss. You had Klay come out and basically say Oracle fans suck and they need to be better and actually give energy

Well here’s idea Klay. Maybe give them something to cheer about. Instead of getting killed at home one night and losing to the worst teams in the league, try acting like the Warriors and people will cheer. Now granted I’m sure the crowds have changed over the course of their run, going from the die hards to the corporate suits and all that. Obviously that’s going to impact the environment, but there’s also stuff like this that can damper excitement

If he’s so unhappy with the crowd during their last season in Oakland, what does he think it’s going to be like in their new arena? You think that’s going to be filled with the die hards of the past? No chance. If he’s so concerned about energetic crowds, there’s only one thing he can do and that’s bounce this summer. And not for the Lakers either, those fans fucking suck too. He needs to go to like UTA or OKC or BOS or somewhere like that where the fans actually care and give off great energy. That used to be Oracle, but now there’s so much corporate money that the true fans are priced out. No shit people who don’t even care about basketball aren’t giving you a ton of energy because they’re probably not even watching.

Here’s the thing. We’ve been here before with GS. Remember when Draymond and KD fought each other and that was supposed to ruin their season? Well all the did was turn around and have the best record in the West at 45-21. It’s clear none of the regular season matters to them and they’re the only team in the league with that luxury. Essentially everyone will say there’s real problems and blah blah blah, they’ll probably come out and smash the Rockets on Wednesday and OKC on Saturday and then go back into hibernation until the playoffs start and everyone will say they are back and fixed. Until this team loses a playoff series, they get that benefit of the doubt so speculating about this latest drama and how it’s going to ruin the Warriors is silly. Fun for the internet for sure, but in reality it means less than nothing.

But seriously, Klay needs a fresh start and a fanbase that cares about him. But again, not LA. Screw LeBron.