Wake Up With Ken Griffey Jr Mondays - Junior Cucks His Dad Out Of A Catch

Welcome back to the newest edition of "Ken Griffey Jr Mondays", this morning we have a young Junior playing alongside his father. It's cool enough to be on the same team as your dad, but to play in the same outfield as him would be awesome. Ken and his pops were lucky enough to do that. We've seen them going back-to-back in a game, something that will never be done again until Lebron and Bronny Jr decide to take their talents to baseball and do it there. But here we have Griffey Jr taking a catch clean away from his dad.
Ball looped into left with Sr coming on strong. He's pretty much camped under it and outta nowhere comes Junior. Sr is calling him off and everything, but like any kid does, they disobey their dad. Jr catches the ball and heads into the dugout as his dad is left there to dry after being cucked by his son for a fly ball. He's in disbelief. Gotta love Jrs gigantic smile on his face, couldn't stop laughing. I didn't hate the move at all either, Jr has to let his dad know who's the boss on the field, CF has a right to call him off, and he did that. Respect the call, dad.