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Houston Embarrassed UC So Bad Mick Cronin Is Holding Tryouts TODAY With Football Players For The Tournament

I can’t stop laughing at listening to Mick drop the ‘I’m not being funny’ in the most serious, pissed off tone. I’m sure he’s serious. Cronin isn’t one to shy away from calling out his players or doing something like this.

This is in response to yesterday’s game where Houston just beat the shit out of Cincinnati in the second half in Cincinnati. The Cougars just started to do whatever they wanted offensively, out hustling UC and just hitting open shots because of defensive breakdowns.

If you’ve watched any of college hoops or know Cincinnati at all you know that they pride themselves on defense and hustle. So when that doesn’t happen, Cronin loses his shit. So naturally he’s calling on the football team to come try out.

Imagine this scenario for a second. You walk into practice today as a Cincinnati hoops player. Luke Fickell sends a handful of football players standing there ready to just beat your ass in a box out drill. Cronin pissed off with a smile on his face knowing that he can push and push today.

Yeah, count me out on that practice.

I’m also picturing a Hoosiers type scenario here. Cronin losing his mind and only bringing like 8 guys to Memphis for the AAC Tournament to prove a point. A couple of fouls later

Now obviously this is Cronin trying to get to his players. But, who knows about this strategy. Doesn’t seem like the best idea to call out guys like this heading into conference tournaments.