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KFC's Brackets

Out of all the degenerate gamblers at Barstool, I am dead last in that department. I’ve never placed a real bet in my whole life. Aside from brackets, and some shitfaced black jack and roulette in Vegas. Its just not my vice. I’d rather spend more money on booze and food and shit. On top of that, this year I’ve watched less college basketball than ever my whole life. I dunno what it was. I think the fact that the Big East has crumbled really ruined it for me. The Big 10 being a dominant conference for me ruins it for me. I think the Big 10 is boring as fuck. And the fact that like 2 or 3 of the top 5 teams in the country just kept on losing week after week made me think nobody was legit. In reality everything is so much more wide open and should be more exciting but I think all those things combined ruined hoops for me this season.

But all that being said – here’s my bracket. I already crushed Cereal Madness. Fuck you idiots who don’t like Corn Pops. Thats insane. And double fuck you losers who think just because a cereal is chocolate that its amazing. You want chocolate for breakfast you eat donuts or brownies or cookies or something. Not cereal. Chocolate and cereal are not meant to be.

My Final Four is Louisville (1) Wisco (5) Florida (3) Miami (2). Louisville over Miami in the title game.

UPDATE: This is the main reason I wanted to post my picks:



Mush City Bitch! Everyone similar to me just cuncel your bracket right now.