This Was The Most Dangerous Move In Hockey Since Happy Gilmore Took His Skate Off And Tried To Stab Somebody

Happy Gilmore is the only guy who ever took off his skate and tried to stab somebody with it. But something tells me that this French prick will be the 2nd to ever do it if he gets the chance to play hockey again. I mean you’ve gotta be a complete sack of shit to get suspended by your own damn team for something you did on the ice. Most teams will go to the depths of hell to defend one of their own guys. But I guess when you have an attempted murderer on your team, all you can really do at that point is try to separate yourself as much as possible.

The craziest part of this move is the fact that nobody else was brawling at the moment. I haven’t seen the full video yet but it looks like things were finally cooling down. Both benches were completely cleared but everybody was just hanging out along the boards. These guys weren’t even fighting either. Just wrapped up, no punches, no anything. Then this lunatic decides to sweep the leg and send that dude face first into the ice. Could have smashed his face to pieces. Could have shattered the dude’s neck. I mean if there’s anybody in the world who deserves to catch a two-hander straight to the teeth, it’s this psychopath right here.