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Rajon Rondo Wants You To Shut The Hell Up About Rajon Rondo And Congratulate LeBron James

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Well, that settles it. We were all too focused on Rajon Rondo. I mean why would any of us talk about this setting:

But, let’s have a serious conversation about LeBron James. It’s fun to rag on him (and great for pageviews). But really just talking about LeBron is both. He’s the most fascinating athlete of our generation. If you’re like me (31/32 years old) we didn’t get to see Jordan come up like LeBron did and really just got to see him in his prime, which was awesome. Except if you’re a Knicks fan like me and hated him because of that.

LeBron was different though. We heard about him while in high school. I can still remember taping his game against Oak Hill so I could watch it after practice.

You HAD to see LeBron. I remember the next day sitting around the lunch table talking about that game. We were captivated by LeBron because he was the ‘next big thing.’

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LeBron was different though. He actually met expectations. Well, he exceeded all expectations. Think about all the players we’ve heard as the next one or this star in high school and ending up fizzling out.

The move to Miami never bothered me. Obviously the way he went about it had people pissed off. But, no one should be that upset about a player leaving in free agency. The Cavs are a shitty run organization. That’s a fact. So he bolted for a better place. That’s just smart. The same thing any one of us would do if you worked for a company that was run like dogshit.

The problem with LeBron and his legacy has always been the other shit. There’s no doubt he’s been the best player in the league for nearly a decade. We never really saw someone like him. He’s the size of Karl Malone. Adapted his game where he became a better shooter. A versatile defender (when he cares). I still think he’s an absolutely underrated passer for his career.

So it’s true, LeBron will be the least appreciated great player because of all the other shit. I mean think about it. Even when he passed Jordan he broke down on the bench in a game he was losing. I love LeBron. I’ve enjoyed him and cheer for him. But, it’s stuff like that that just makes it tough. That and people refusing to acknowledge someone could possibly be as good as Jordan because we love to reminisce about the old days.

So Rondo is right. We don’t talk about LeBron because we haven’t been able to. Part of that is directly his fault. But if you refuse to acknowledge how good LeBron has been over his career you’re just looking for a reason to hate him.