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Sit Back And Enjoy Watching Ian Poulter Hit A God Awful Shot At The Arnold Palmer Invitational

Happy Thursday! Happy day. It’s almost Friday and Ian Poulter is out at the Arnold Palmer Invitational hitting terrrrrrrrrrrrrible shots. Just terrible. You love to see it. Sometimes I forget that Ian Poulter exists and that’s a good place to be but an even better place to be is being reminded he exists because he hits a really bad shot. That’s where we’re at right now. I mean that wasn’t what he was trying to do whatsoever. That shit almost landed in the Atlantic. What a great video.

I will say, well done by Poults yelling FORE as loud as humanly possible. Gotta give credit where credit is due. That’s how you do it. You can’t be shy when yelling FORE because that defeats the whole purpose of yelling FORE. Shyly yelling FORE is how people get plunked in the head by a golf ball and end up at the hospital. So good job by Poulter on that one but still go fuck yourself.

Sit even further back and enjoy this as well