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John Wall Won the Dunk Contest, Brad Beal Basically Won the 3-point Contest


Just another day in the life of John Wall. Going into the dunk contest as the underdog, coming out of it as the champ. People are going to have to take notice of Wall at some point. You can’t just average 20 and 9 and have people still claim Kyrie is better. It’s baloney. Not shocking that Kyrie won the All Star Game MVP. He didn’t have to change his style of play. Kyrie is like the Carmello of PGs. There’s a reason the Cavs are awful despite having a good enough team. Kyrie is no John Wall. If you take Kyrie over Wall if given the choice, you know as much about basketball as I do about nuclear physics.



I said basically won the 3-point contest because even though he lost the tie breaker, he had the highest total of any player before the tie-breaker with 21 in the first round, then nailed 6 in a row to tie for the win in regulation. Losing a tie-breaker, who cares. Silver medal is still clutch. Also, Nelly (the rapper) used to babysit for Beal. So that’s something.

Hard to argue that the combo of Wall and Beal is one of the best up and coming tandems in the league. Let’s not forget Beal is still only 20 years old and is on his way to becoming one of the top 5 pure shooters in the game. It’s a shame Otto Porter looks completely lost out there at all times, because having a great 3rd piece would propel this Wizards team to the moon. They still have a long way to go, but I’m pretty pumped for the future of the team. Durant 2016! Durant 2016!

PS: Harrison Barnes looks classy as fuck in this picture. Poetic.

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