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African Tribes Worried That Their Dicks Are Shrinking And Being Stolen

Yahoo – In a recent issue of “Pacific Standard” magazine, Louisa Lombard, an anthropologist at the University of California at Berkeley, described visiting a small town in the Central African Republic where she encountered two men who claimed that their penises had been stolen. It seems that the day before, a traveler visiting the town had shaken hands with a tea vendor who immediately claimed he felt a shock and sensed that his penis had shrunk. He cried out in alarm, gathering a crowd, and a second man then said it also happened to him. This is not the setup to a joke; it is a real psychological disorder called koro in which victims (mostly men, but sometimes women) come to believe that their genitals are shrinking or retracting into the body. The concern is not only for their sexuality, but also for their lives, since they believe that the condition may be life threatening if not reversed. In order to prevent further shrinkage, victims have been known to securely tie their penises with string or metal clampseven sometimes having family members hold it in relays until treatment can be sought, usually from shamen or traditional healers. The condition has most often been found in Africa in recent decades, though it has also been widely reported in Asia. “In recent years, news media in several West African countries have reported periodic episodes of ‘panic’ in which men and women are beaten, sometimes to death, after being accused of causing penises, breasts, and vaginas to shrink or disappear.” Victims of koro usually believe that a touch or “accidental” brush with a stranger caused the theft, in the same way that a pickpocket might steal a wallet.Dzokotoand Adams give one example of a 17-year-old man in Ghana who “claimed that he had gone to fetch water for his father and was returning when [the perpetrator] came behind him, touched him and immediately he felt his penis shrink until it was no longer visible.”

How spiteful do you have to be to curse someone with a dick shrinking spell? Like that tea vendor from Ghana just shook that guy’s hand and was like “I’m gonna steal this motherfucker’s penis.” Gave him a whole batch of Koro and watched his dick shrink inch by inch until it totally retracted up into his body. Whats that about? Thats gotta be the cruelest thing I’ve ever heard. I wonder if whoever does the curse is stealing all those dick inches and their dick actually grows. For every inch they lose you gain one until their dicks are completely gone and you’re walking around with a dick the size of three humans. That would be absolutely diabolical. Otherwise there’s just no real reason to steal another man’s dick. Its just spite in its lowest, meanest form.

Gotta love their tactics to prevent this shit from happening though. Tying their dicks to the ceiling and putting their dicks in boxes. Taking turns holding each other’s dicks until the witch doctor comes. Whatever it takes to make sure their cocks don’t get pick-pocketed. Like hey Africans! Give it a rest! Calm the fuck down. Irish guys have been dealing with this forever. Koro is just the Irish Curse. Just relax, drink a beer, and physically abuse your wife to make up for your short comings. At least thats what I was taught.

PS – Love the Asians trying to get in on this Koro thing. Like “Oh yea black guys, thats whats happening to us too! Our dicks are shrinking and being stolen!” No Asians. You just have tiny peckers and choose to blur them out in porn. You’re not cursed with a dick shrinking hex.