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Do I Need A Gold Shirt To Truly Be Considered A Mogul?



LATIMES – India has long had a love affair with gold. But one businessman there is so infatuated with the precious metal, he dropped about $230,000 on solid gold shirt. More than two dozen goldsmiths toiled for 15 days for lender Datta Phuge, who custom ordered the seven-pound top to wear for New Year’s festivities, according to the Pune Mirror. The shirt is crafted from 14,000 22-karat gold rings linked together and comes with six Swarovski crystal buttons and a belt also made of gold. Phuge said he considers the shirt “an investment which will keep appreciating.”“People buy cars and go on holidays abroad,” he told the Mirror. “For me, gold is the ultimate passion. That is the reason I have spent a whopping amount of money on the shirt.”

This guy thinks he’s so fucking tough with his gold jacket and shit. Dude you ain’t no mogul. Like you used your life savings and bought this thing as an investment instead of going on vacation and shit. Pfft. Anybody can do that. A real mogul buys this shirt, wears it once and throws it away.  That’s what I’d do if I thought it looked good and wasn’t tacky as hell.  That’s mogul style. Now get back in the office and fix my website.