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Twitter Fucked Up Its Mute Function And We're All Suffering

Okay, Twitter. Yeah, this is what needed revamping! So, basically, it used to be that when you muted someone, you wouldn’t have to see their dumbass comments on your tweets. Now, the average twitter user might not have much use for this function beyond maybe muting an ex, but it is absolutely vital for someone like me. When you’ve got annoying ass reply guys in your mentions every single minute of every single day, the mute function is a godsend.

Take for example my number one most annoying reply guy, the Dodge Ram guy. I read literally ONE comment from this dude and muted him. I’m not going to block him because he’s fairly harmless, he’s just annoying, and I don’t want to read the dumb shit he has to say. So it was a win-win: he could say what he wanted and I wouldn’t have to read it.

But NOW. Now, this is what twitter gives me:


So, now not only can I see that there’s a tweet, it’s basically telling me i’m not allowed to read it. Which like, come on. OBVIOUSLY I’m going to click to read it, it’s human nature!

Image-1-2And so, my poor virgin eyes have to read the most irritating comments on the internet, and to avoid it, I’m going to have to block this guy. Like a dick.

And that’s a pretty harmless example! I usually just block the really creepy guys or the ones that say actually harmful things, but what if I had muted one and now am forced to read a comment about what a dumb cunt I am? That’s actually fairly harmless compared to other shit I get, but yikes guy.

Basically, this is one of the dumbest twitter updates of all time because not only does it fully negate the purpose of the mute function, it also essentially does nothing.

Give us a fUCKING MUTE BUTTOn or give us death.