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The Oilers Puck Line Was The Worst Beat Of The Entire Season Last Night

Betting the puck line is the ultimate thrill. “You live by the empty, you die by the empty net” as Rear Admiral always say. Sometimes it goes great and you get you empty net goal and cover and sometimes it goes miserable and you spend the final minute of a game yelling at the TV for guys to shoot at an empty net. Last night was an example of that, except Connor McDavid was involved and it turned out to be the worst beat of the year.

Connor McDavid, one of the best hockey players on the planet, had a lay-up for an empty net goal to cover the puck line and he missed. Think about that for a second. That’s like Kevin Durant missing an easy layup for the win in the final seconds with nobody around him. It shouldn’t happen. It doesn’t happen. But it did last night.

Buffalo was favored going into the game, so we were looking at an alternate puck line….aka big money. It was +240 on most sites, so that’s a tough hit.