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High School You Needs To Get A Pair Of American Eagle's $50,000 Shoes

An American Eagle Outfitters Store Ahead Of Earnings Figures

American Eagle is back in a big way! Who doesn’t remember rolling up to the first day of school rocking your AE polo feeling fresh as hell? And then wearing your button down AE to Homecoming and never feeling better about yourself? Well as it turns out, American Eagle never left. And I feel like a big stupid idiot for thinking that they did. While all the other fashion trends from yesteryear might be over, American Eagle is still holding strong. And now, because of course, they are launching $50,000 sneakers. Duh.

Business Insider - American Eagle has a plan to win over the next generation of shoppers, and it involves expensive sneakers.

Starting March 9, customers at American Eagle’s Soho store in New York will be able to shop the new Urban Necessities pop-up. Urban Necessities, which hails from Las Vegas, is a trendy resale sneaker store that sells special-edition sneakers from brands that include Nike, Adidas, and Supreme. The collection at American Eagle will feature sneakers that cost between $150 and $50,000.

The new partnership allows American Eagle to not only appeal to the “sneakerheads” among Gen Z shoppers but also plays into their values, like making more sustainability-minded purchases by buying clothes or footwear second hand.

“I am not sure everyone is in the market for a $50,000 sneaker,” Kessler said. But “I am sure lots of people will be dying to come to the store and check them out.” Once customers are in store, the hope is that they’ll then shop American Eagle too.

I love it. Sneakerheads are going to be flocking to American Eagle to pick up the newest pair of $50,000 shoes. You didn’t even realize you wanted American Eagle shoes until they priced them at $50,000. Are you going to be the poor person without them? Yikes. Imagine being the person still buying Jordans when American Eagle is dropping shoes that cost a teacher’s salary? Couldn’t be me.

This reminds me of when Payless decided to sell $20 shoes for $600 to stick to to asshole influencers. People will spend money on anything as long as they think they’re being edgy or trendy. So I respect American Eagle doing this. It gets buzz going. It gets people talking. And people will without a doubt buy these shoes. And if this was 2006, they’d already be sold out.