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My Coochie Coo Stinks: The Story Of Women Who Tried The Keto Diet Will Leave You In Tears


Worried women have voiced fears about the ketogenic diet – claiming it is causing an ‘unpleasant odour’ to come from their gentials.

The phenomenon has been nicknamed ‘keto crotch’, although experts have stressed there is no medical evidence for its existence.

The keto diet – a low-carb diet which has helped thousands lose weight – is also said to cause bad breath, Women’s Health reports.

But the latest complaint has come to life after participants complained about the unwanted side effect on Reddit.

One, who shared details of the effect it had, posted: “I want to know if this is something I should be concerned about.”

Over the last few days, my concerns have grown with regards to keto crotch. Imagine how disheartening that would be for our lady friends. It’s just 9 weeks after the New Year and they can finally see some real results after their diet and then boom. Stinky pussy.


I hate even writing that phrase down because I dont want people to start tossing it around at Clem. Clem is also doing the Keto Diet and I would hate if people started calling him Stinky Pussy Clem. It’s not fair. We should be proud of him for losing weight and taking his health seriously. I know I am extremely proud of him and have told him such.

Anyway, you walk into the boardroom at the nonprofit where you volunteer and you sit down holding a fist full of beef jerky. It’s locally sourced and keto approved. Nice.

“Jerky again, Debra?”

“Randy! How’s it hangin, ya big goober (another word for peanut)? HAHA! Yeah, you know I live for jerky on this diet. Cant have much else. Peanuts are actually a legume which is why I wont have you in my bed, you goober. Im too keto for you haha!”

“A what?”

“Legume. Techinally not a nut.”

Randy makes a weird face and you think it’s because of the nut talk. It’s not. He caught a sniff of that pussy and it is ripe as a summer’s peach but it certainly doesn’t smell like a peach. It smells like a beach at lowtide. Riptide pussy. Offshore coochie. Seaweed slit. Not good.

“You just get done clamming, Debra?”

“Randy, we live in landlocked San Antonio. How could I have been clamming and then here for our nonprofit board meeting at 8am?”

That’s when it hits Debra. Randy was asking why her pussy stinks. Debra’s mind races to all those posts she saw on reddit. She didnt think they applied to her but they do especially now that she started her period right in the middle of a meeting. FUCK.

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