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Chick Who Leaked Anthony Weiner's Dick Pics Is Back Wanting More


What a classic, CLASSIC move by Lisa Weiss. The “I’m so glad you’re doing well” move. It’s the crazy girl go-to.

They know that if they keep up their bitchy act they’ll continue to be ignored. So they take some time off. Put their crazy on ice for a minute. And just when they’ve lulled you to sleep they strike. Tell you they’re so happy that you’re happy. You think “oh wow. She’s changed. She’s matured. Maybe she’s not so bad after all.” Then you make the fatal mistake of responding with a “thanks. You too.” Next thing you know you’re meeting up for coffee to “catch up” and see how life has been. Before you know it you’re back in the saddle, fucking in dirty motel rooms. Tweeting out pics that would make a urologist say “whoa, too close dude.” It’s a slippery, slippery slope and Anthony Weiner’s right on the precipice. Choose wisely.