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Bartlett Wins Her 6th Best of the Best Title...Do We Retire Her For The Tournament Of Champions Or Let Her Go?

6 Titles. Jordan status. So now the question is, do we retire her and eventually bring her back in a GTA Tournament of Champions like Jeopardy did for a time? Or do we just let her run rampant and see if she can go on a Ken Jennings Streak? I got a few emails saying she should be retired. If there were constantly more pictures of her, I’d have no problem letting her defend her crown from now until the end of time. I dug up a few more from her Instagram for you guys but their ain’t much. Shes not out there week after week like other GTA chicks. So for the sake of just keeping new asses and new pictures up there, I’m leaning towards retiring her. Which will put in motion all the plans to set up a GTA Tournament of champions at the end of the year. Or do you just wanna let asses go for eternity until they lose?

Lets vote:

Vote 1 for retire 6 time champions for the Tournament of Champions, Vote 10 for let champion asses run as long as they can until they lose

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Sidenote: I’m probably going to retire her no matter what.