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Gold Medalist & Pro Soccer Player Sydney Leroux Is Playing For Two In Trimester Deux

Is that the tackiest headline of 2019 only three months into the year? Yes. But moving on…

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One of the most annoying things you can do to someone pregnant is place your hand on their stomach, feel a kick, & say, “Ope! Think you’ve got yourself a little soccer player in there! heh heh!”

(Thus, I do it all the time. But totally ironically. Big laughs. Sort of.)

…But that ‘lil soccer player thing’ may be the case for the baby that Olympic gold medalist & pro soccer player Sydney Leroux Dwyer is expecting with husband & fellow soccer pro Dom Dwyer this summer. A few hours ago Leroux posted,

“I didn’t think I’d be starting off preseason 5.5 months pregnant but here we are.”

And I was both delighted & surprised to see that the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive with almost 114K likes on Insta & 30K likes on Twitter. People are even being supportive in the comments.. who knew that was possible?

(On the opposite end, her son, Cassius, was not as jazzed when the news first came out, but he’ll come around.)

Leroux was a member of 2015’s Team USA; the first women’s sports team to be honored with a ticker tape parade in New York City after defeating Japan 5 – 2 in FIFA’s World Cup. She’s also played in over 75 international-level games, was part of the winning squad at the 2012 London Olympics, and now plays for Orlando’s Pride in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). Pregnancy is clearly not gonna slow this lady down.

As per usual, I wound up going down a rabbit hole & seeing pregnant women crushing it on the golf courses & tracks, in the gyms & the pools, and everywhere else in between, only reaffirmed what I already knew; we’re kind of a big deal.

For those who still can’t seem to wrap their heads around this idea, the common hater complaint is that it’s reckless & unsafe for the baby, but science says otherwise. From TIME Magazine:

In 2015, the International Olympic Committee gathered sixteen experts from around the world to explore research and recommendations for athletes during pregnancy and after childbirth. Their subsequent report, released in 2016, found that it’s completely safe for women to keep training as they were before — so long as they adapt to the needs of their own body as it changes.

So ok, if I got knocked up & then my lazy ass decided to go run a marathon without training & on my usual diet of angel hair pasta & ice cream, it’d probably be genuinely ah-rough for the baby. If I worked up to it, it’d be fine, but let’s not pretend that’d happen for me…

But yep, if you’re a lady already doing fit-fam type things, keep doing you (unless you’re being annoying in Instagram about it. #GRIND!). Anyone who tells you to slow your roll doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Shout out to all the badass ladies out there like Leroux, proving we are more than capable of amazing things (no shit) and setting a pretty cool example for all to see.

Good vibes on a Monday.