Tom Brady "Guarantees" He Can Make Rich Eisen's 40 Time The Best It's Ever Been

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You’re telling me… Tom Brady believes so strongly in TB12, he’s guaranteeing that, in 2020, a 50-year-old Rich Eisen will beat any 40-yard dash record he has personally set for the previous 15 years?

So hypothetically a 50-year-old man would be faster than the 35-year-old version of himself?


Because it worked for him.

Tom Brady ran a 5.28 40 back in 2000 when he was 22, and according to him in 2016.

“I’ve timed my 40 from what it was when I was coming out of college and what it is now, and it’s maybe two or three tenths faster than it was…I was really slow back then.”

So if 39 y/o Tom Brady can be faster than 22 y/o Tom Brady, so can Rich Eisen!

Or at least be fast enough to beat the Simulcam guy

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