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Kris Boyd Was Asked How Many Testicles He Has in a Combine Interview

Source  – The NFL combine interview questions keep getting weirder.

This year, Texas cornerback prospect Kris Boyd may own the strangest reported question of the week.

“One crazy question I can think of was, ‘Do I have both of my testicles?’ ” Boyd said. “And I was like, ‘Yeah. I don’t know why you got to ask.’ That was one I can think of.”

Boyd, who benched a position-best 19 reps at the combine, didn’t specify which team asked.

Cry me a river, Kris Boyd. “Oh, boo hoo. An NFL personnel guy asked how many testicles I have. Oh woe is me. How will I ever recover from this?” Well you know what the real issue is here? Not why this guy asked. It’s why every scout at the Combine doesn’t ask.

Let’s say Kris Boyd works his way up to 1st Round status. Now, just for the sake of argument, let’s say he’s the third cornerback off the board. Last year that was Mike Hughes of UCF. The Vikings signed Hughes to a 4-year, $10 million rookie deal with $5.25 million just as a signing bonus. For that kind of investment, you’re damned right I want to know how many balls my new cornerback has. We get to know every prospect’s height, weight, 40-time, arm length, hand size. But somehow the count of his gonads is too personal? It is supposed to be privileged information I’m not entitled to?

I mean, what if the answer turns out to be one? You know who had one ball? Hitler, that’s who. If there’s a chance my next lockdown corner is going to become a genocidal megalomaniac, I want to know that. And probably drop him down my draft board accordingly. Or, possibly move him up, depending on what my team philosophy is. Maybe some organizations prefer their DBs with Monorchism. Feeling that the same arrogant confidence that allowed him to violate the Munich Agreement and invade Russia would give a guy swagger enough to be iso’ed on Julio Jones without a safety over the top.

By the same token, what if an interviewee has three nuts? Wouldn’t you want to know that? Everybody likes a cornerback with a lot of balls. So if a guy comes along for whom that’s literally true, wouldn’t that make him a more desirable prospect? The point is, the Combine is all about gathering data on these guys and making the most informed decision you can so your team can stay competitive. And you’re not going to be able to do that when these prospects won’t tell you how many nads they have. Get over yourself, Boyd.